Rakem have a range of urethane acrylate oligomers perfect for formulating quality 3D printing resins.

So, at Rakem our product portfolio has been specifically chosen to create the perfect mix between our customers’ needs and their end applications.

Bomar® oligomers are ideal for formulating printing inks and resins for stereolithography (SLA), digital light processing (DLP), and 3D inkjet printers. A great range of products with low linear shrinkage for formulators looking to eliminate object deformation, increase impact resistance, or increase the strength of their 3D object.

Further to the mechanical properties, Bomar oligomers are typically low yellowing in nature. This provides greater optical clarity and colour stability for a more aesthetically pleasing 3D object.

Some products of interest include: BR-952, a market leading UDMA for tough application; BR-741, optimised for high strength formulations; BR-970BT, with high chemical, stain and abrasion resistance this product also exhibits low skin sensitivity; BR-144B, optimised for medical or skin contact applications this is also a highly cost-effective resin; BR-345, designed with aesthetic in mind this product with minimal distortion on curing and high elongation; BR-5541M, designed for flexibility and elasticity this product will create 3D objects with incredible impact resistance.

Recommended Grades for the Perfect Mix.