Rakem have a unique and comprehensive range of white pigments and fillers for the adhesive and sealant market.

So, at Rakem our product portfolio has been specifically chosen to create the perfect mix between our customers’ needs and their end applications.

Representing the largest Sulphate TiO2 manufacturer…
Whatever the requirement, adhesive and sealant manufacturers need fail proof formulations with the strength and resilience to perform in the most demanding conditions. Rakem offer speciality chemicals for adhesives and sealants that are versatile, robust and characterised by excellent resistance and load-bearing traits.

Not only do we represent the largest Sulphate TiO2 manufacturer, we complement that range which include the highlighted Blanc Fixe, Lithopone, polymer emulsions, oligomers, Silica, Barytes, Kaolin (Hydrous/Calcined), Calcium Carbonate and ATH from European manufacturers. With access to 7 R+D centres based in Western Europe, Rakem can offer unrivalled technical support in meeting our customers’ need for innovation and improved optimisations.

Please see below for Adhesives & Sealants product information.

Rakem in adhesives & sealants…
Emulsion Polymers
Kaolin (Hydrous/Calcined)
Blanc Fixe

Application examples:
Aerospace, automotive, boat building, construction, DIY, DVD production, electronics, energy and utilities, filtration equipment, flooring, packaging.

Recommended Grades for the Perfect Mix.