Rakem. The perfect mix, of suppliers.

We have chosen to represent Reverté to create the perfect mix between our customers’ needs and their end applications.  Their product portfolio complements our perfect mix of pigments and powders and is perfect for our customers’ diverse range of industries.

About Reverte

Reverté produces a wide range of quality Calcium Carbonate ranging from (TBC specify ultra micronized). Supplying powder products both natural and treated, they have a vast portfolio of grades suitable for your application.

Mined in Barcelona and Almeria, Spain, their grades are of the highest quality, perfect for paper, paints, plastics and other technical applications.

From 25kg bags to 20,000mt to slurried pigment, we are able to supply a variety of products to the industry.


Opac Extra


Micral 3T


Micral 10


Micral 10