Rakem serves many different industries, but our range is built around coatings. From saving money in the decorative paints, to formulating innovative coatings for high tech applications, we do it all.

So, at Rakem our product portfolio has been specifically chosen to create the perfect mix between our customers’ needs and their end applications.

We provide pigments, binders, fillers and functional additives for a range of applications in the coatings industry. Some highlights of our TiO2 products include high durability, high opacity and low dust grades.

If you’re spending too much on TiO2 we have a range of extenders for reducing your consumption. Depending on your application, we can recommend the right extender for your product. From ground calcium carbonate for decorative paints, precipitated calcium carbonate for glossy paints and blanc fixe for industrial coatings, clays and opaque polymers.

We have a range of functional additives for performance and aesthetic purposes. From producing a flip-flop visual effect, to IR reflectance, UV stability and self-cleaning surfaces. Our fillers can produce a range of effects from thixotropic mixtures to rust prevention.

Our binders are from Organik Kimya for acrylic emulsions and Dymax for acrylate oligomers. Organik Kimya have a huge range of products from the high tech, to the cost effective. Dymax will provide you the edge you are looking for to out-perform your competitors.

Get in contact today and we will find a solution for you.

Recommended Grades for the Perfect Mix.