Rakem have a unique range of innovative products for the electronics industry. Pigments that resist high temperatures and low abrasion, hydrophobic fillers with ultra-low conductivity, and dielectric hydrophobic oligomers.

So, at Rakem our product portfolio has been specifically chosen to create the perfect mix between our customers’ needs and their end applications.

Venators white pigment range involve several products for high heat applications including; TR-48, which is easily compounded into a range of plastics. Their Sachtolith, a zinc sulfate-based product, is a soft white pigment that simultaneously has high thermal conductivity but low conductivity. It can also act as a metal deactivator. Blanc Fixe range is also great for use in battery expanders.

Sachtleben Minerals produce ground barium sulfate, also called barytes, which is a fantastic filler for electronic coatings and resins. Barium sulfate naturally has a very low salt content and has negligible solubility giving it very low conductivity. Hydrophobic grades are also available which make dispersion a dream and improve the water resistance of a filled resin.

Dymax have produced a fantastic range of urethane acrylate oligomers for 2K and energy curing resins for the electronics industry. Their polybutadiene range is remarkably hydrophobic yet simultaneously have high dielectric constant and low conductivity. They are also heat and thermal shock resistant and chemical resistant. For a more cost effective solution without the dielectic properties, the polycaprolactone range performs admirably in hydrophobicity and thermal shock resistance.

Recommended Grades for the Perfect Mix.

Sachtolith HDS

Albawhite H90