Venator a leading global chemical company dedicated to the development and manufacture of titanium dioxide pigments and performance additives.


Silysiamont produces micron sized amorphous silica of various degrees, porosity and particle sizes named SYLYSIA®. The Silica can be used in very different applications including matting agents in paint and coatings, film anti-blocking, catalyst carrier, and many others.

Organik Kimya

Organik Kimya’s product portfolio encompasses all acrylics, styrene acrylics and vinyl copolymers for the DIY and Industrial markets. Providing solutions for a wide range of coatings and adhesives.


Reverte produces a large variety of Calcium Carbonate from chalk, calcite and white minerals. With qualities ranging from 3 mm. cuts to ultra-micronized products with a cut less than 3 microns. They supply products in powder, natural and treated.

Sachtleben Minerals

Sachtleben Minerals is the parent company of the two production companies Sachtleben Bergbau and Deutsche Baryt Industrie, they manufacture barites and fluorspar products. Sachtleben Minerals sees itself as an innovative partner for its reliable supply of industrial minerals.

Cales De Llierca

Cales de Llierca is a leading producer of high quality lime products and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC). Through its many years of continuous supply to an extensive variety of industrial sectors, Cales de Llierca can be considered one of the most experienced companies in its field


Thiele Kaolin Company® is one of the world’s leading sources for processed minerals. With facilities in North America and Europe, Thiele mines, processes, and delivers a wide range of kaolin and silica products.


Founded in 1969, PROQUICESA is one of the few companies in the world entirely devoted to the development, manufacturing, and sale of additives for the cement industry