The Rakem Group is a key supplier to many industries. We play a significant role in chemical processing, paint industry, textile fibres, paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, inks, cement industry amongst many others.

The majority of our products are produced in the UK for UK customers. Where we do import products and raw materials from mainland Europe and non-EU countries, it is via a well-established process and robust supply chain. We have a number of workstreams considering the various Brexit scenarios and looking at alternative supply options and associated contingency measures to ensure that we will be prepared. We have, in the main, always held and continue to hold significant levels of stock on site and do not work to just-in-time processes. Our relationship and experience with our EU and non-EU suppliers are very longstanding and it is this know-how and capability which will stand us in good stead.

This can be further complemented with sound forecasting from our customers to ensure that we all remain as prepared as we can for any eventualities that Brexit brings.

We do not expect that shipping to the UK in a post-Brexit scenario would be significantly more challenging than what is required today when shipping from non-EU countries. However, we are working/have worked on plans to mitigate any potential delays in customs clearance when importing products from European countries after Brexit in the event of a ‘no-deal’ scenario. All our Group companies have the necessary import/export registrations and we also have the support of our longstanding experienced logistics partners who confirm that they are as well prepared as they can be for various scenarios.

As the majority of our products are produced and used in the UK, the associated impact of any additional costs related to the payment of tariffs/duties should only impact a relatively small number of our products. Where there is an impact, we will work closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure this is mitigated as fairly as possible.

Brexit will inevitably affect the market pricing of some products and the Rakem Group will also need to consider the effect of any exchange rate movements.

We understand that many customers have concerns. We will continue to review our position as more information is provided by the Government.

At this stage there is no need to change your normal ordering pattern. If this advice changes we will inform you directly.