In light of the recent Government announcement, The Rakem Group is taking all reasonable steps to meet its responsibilities and obligations during the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. 

The board and senior managers recently met to discuss the ongoing impact of COVID -19 on our staff, customers and suppliers and, following updated guidelines from the Government (4/1/21), have acted accordingly. 

As a player in key sectors for the UK, the manufacturing plant continues to run and, following significant investment in PPE (with helpful advice from the Health & Safety Executive), we believe that we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the ongoing safety of all staff across all departments. We are working over two sites and limiting contact between individuals and, as far as can be assured, are operating with strong protocols to ensure the health and safety of our people.  

At the time of writing (January 21), and for all intents and purposes, we remain fully operational and can further confirm that we can continue to deal with orders and transactions promptly. Our account managers continue to contact all customers to ensure we have their forecasted orders and can continue delivering orders. We are working together to try and anticipate potential issues that may arise as a consequence of the virus. We kindly ask that all of our customers and suppliers keep in communication with the relevant account managers; we do not want to encourage a mass panic buying situation within the industry. 

All our office staff have the ability to work from home and, as such, daily operations will never be affected. Please continue to place orders and pay invoices as normal. We do request that all clients pay the Rakem Group within the agreed terms.  If you are going to have difficulty paying your invoices, please contact the finance team as a matter of urgency. 

We continue to have ongoing discussions with our customers and principals regularly. We want to understand the pinch points they may be facing and we continue to have active dialogue with them.  

In the meantime, we are working at full capacity to ensure all orders are fulfilled. 

We hope that all of our staff, customers and suppliers remain safe, follow advice from the government and that families remain unaffected. 

For any further questions please free to contact the team. Below is a list of key managers.


Kieran Rafferty – Managing Director

Steve Bunker –  Group Operations Director

Jim Taylor – Logistics Manager 

Amanda Clowes – Administration Manager

Jenni Byrne – Finance Director

Andy Bower – Production Manager 

Andy Byrne – Technical Manager