A PHENOMENAL £30,127 has ben raised by The Rakem Group, staff and partners in aid of Bury Hospice.

This huge amount of money could fund one nurse for the whole year – to care for and support local people affected by cancer.

It is an outstanding amount to say that it all started with just £50 as part of the Bury Hospice Corporate Challenge, sponsored by Maker Industrial.

Chairman of The Rakem Group, Steve Bunker thanked all staff involved and said: “Reaching £30k is a phenomenal achievement.

“On behalf of the Board and your Hospice Team, thank you so much for your support throughout this challenge all employees have been amazing and you should all be very proud of what we’ve done here. 

“This is a superb result and is a reflection on the fantastic set of people working under The Rakem Group banner, including their friends and family who have all contributed.”

Paul Fennelly, fundraising consultant at Bury Hospice said: “On behalf of the patients their families and staff at Bury Hospice I would like to express how grateful we are for the tremendous energy and support you have given to the Bury Hospice, and our Corporate Challenge. We have been so impressed with how well you have done that we would like to bottle the Rakem’s enthusiasm to share it with everyone else fundraising, Rakem Ltd is a shining example of what a company can be achieved and we hope you have had some fun too.

“The amount Rakem have raised really will help many of our patients and their families over the coming year. Can I recommend that your £30,000 raised be considered to fund nursing care. This choice offers the best possible care at a very vulnerable time, for example, our home care nurses will make approximately 300 visits to patients in their own home, helping the patient feel comfortable and pain free while supporting the family with how they are coping and ultimately enabling the patient to be at home with their friends and family around them.

“Our nurses on the ward, as well as their fantastic medical skills are specialists at emotional support to the patient and all the family making sure that they are as comfortable as possible.”

Eloise Burke, Head of Clinical Services, said: “As head of clinical services I am delighted that Rakem has raised 30,000 to fund nursing care. This is the first year of Bury Hospice Corporate Challenge and we could not be more proud to have Rakem on board.”