The Rakem Group are delighted to be sponsoring the Bury Hospice Corporate Challenge, encouraging local businesses to come up with entrepreneurial ideas to raise funds.

Twenty-two companies have signed up for the challenge where, over a six month period from June, companies have to turn £50 into as much as they can by a variety of fundraising events.

Along with Millgate Shopping Centre and Maker Industrial Ltd who provided the £50 for each business to kick it off, the companies competing with each other to make the most and the winner announced at a ceremony later this year.

“It was a win-win situation for us to sponsor it,” said Kieran Rafferty, director of Maker Industrial Ltd.
“We are really excited to see what ideas companies come up. One of our companies Rakem are taking part in the challenge and we don’t expect them to lose!

“It’s getting everyone involved to show their entrepreneurial spirit for Bury Hospice, which is a fantastic place.”
The Millgate Centre are big supporters of Bury Hospice, on Rochdale Old Road, and manager Marie Gribben said: “The only limit is imagination and I am sure people will come up with some superb ideas to raise money for Bury Hospice.

“Bury Hospice is vital for the community and we are big supporters of the hospice. The Corporate Challenge is a great idea as together these companies can raise more money than as individuals.”